New Marbles

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When sitting down to the bench torch I am presented with the conundrum of impromptu spontaneity versus carful planning. I suppose, at some point I will want to carefully plan out my next move but being relatively new to lampworking, not new to glass, I am inextricably drawn to the free flowing creative process with a minimum of restrictions. So, in some cases the technical details may have suffered for the occasional devine “happy accident” factor. Flame-working is so much more dynamic than kiln formed or fused glass. It is hard to reign in the free, painterly spirit, suppressed so long doing fused glass pieces.


2013_10_25_0208 swirl_marble 2013_10_25_0202 2013_10_25_0200 2013_10_25_0199 2013_10_25_0198 2013_10_25_0197 2013_10_25_0196 2013_10_25_0195 2013_10_25_0194 2013_10_25_0193 2013_10_25_0191 2013_10_25_0190 2013_10_25_0189 2013_10_25_0188 2013_10_25_0187 2013_10_25_0186 2013_10_25_0185 2013_10_25_0184 2013_10_25_0183 2013_10_25_0182 2013_10_25_0181 2013_10_25_0180 2013_10_25_0178 2013_10_25_0177 2013_10_25_0175 2013_10_25_0174 2013_10_25_0172

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