Greg Chase Glass Murrina Encased Pendant

Chase pendant

Chase pendant

Get this Greg Chase Glass Murrina Encased Pendant – Greg Chase is a well know master in the art of Murrine (or Millie) making. I have taken one of his “coins”, a slice of a murrine “cane”  included in a rare double sided encasement and made that into a pendant. This petite, for glass, 8.3g pendant is simply a wearable showcase for Greg’s artistry. About 2 inches long. The cane is a scene of the New Orleans waterfront with pelicans flying overhead.  This listing is for one pendant.
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You can purchase Greg’s cane here

Heart Vessel Pendant

heart vessel

heart pendant




Heart Shaped Vessel Pendent – This handblown glass pendant can hold anything precious to you. You can place dry or liquids inside like perfume or the ashes of a loved one, anything. For a little extra, I could seal what you want inside permanently for you. Small enough to be worn as a pendant, this can be hung any special place. Different colors available. Ships with jump ring and black velvet neckless.


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(prototype pictured)

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Fumed Pendant – Rigal VII

Fumed Pendant

[fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] This fumed pendant is 34mm by 47mm (or 1 7/8″)
Adjectives that best describe this is glowing, floating with an etherial inner light. Also, nebula-like is a good word to describe this piece.

Fumed Pendant

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Opal Dichroic Pendant

I discovered that this pendant has hidden charms.


If you look really close, like right next to your eye, with a light behind it you see this: