Glassblowing circa 1943

Glassblowing circa 1943

This was the year my parents were married. The traditional and modern manufacture of glass, glass research, and its applications.

Britain has attained a leading position in the manufacture of glass. Sand purification is carried out on a considerable scale. There are shots of furnaces, of bubbling molten glass, of glass being ground and polished and of the cutter at work. Scientific instruments and perfectly balanced lenses are made in Britain today. (Films of Britain – British Council Film Department Catalogue – 1942-1943)

Greg Chase Glass Murrina Encased Pendant

Chase pendant

Chase pendant

Get this Greg Chase Glass Murrina Encased Pendant – Greg Chase is a well know master in the art of Murrine (or Millie) making. I have taken one of his “coins”, a slice of a murrine “cane”  included in a rare double sided encasement and made that into a pendant. This petite, for glass, 8.3g pendant is simply a wearable showcase for Greg’s artistry. About 2 inches long. The cane is a scene of the New Orleans waterfront with pelicans flying overhead.  This listing is for one pendant.
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You can purchase Greg’s cane here

New Pendant

Opal Dichroic Pendant

I discovered that this pendant has hidden charms.


If you look really close, like right next to your eye, with a light behind it you see this: