Bullseye Murrine

So here is the story. I had access to 2″ stainless steel tubing and found they were good for firing Bullseye stringers into Murrine designs using a kiln. For a brief period I tried to sell the molds with kiln paper to fit and firing instructions.
I am not selling the tubes anymore but I have all these murrine available. 
For the Sams, Sallys, Sarahs or Singens, The pixilated “S” weighs 275 grams and the only piece cut off of it is about 20 grams. 
(The Uroboros logo is made of Bullseye glass)
If interested in buying some use the contact form for prices and size options or any questions.
S Bullseye murinne
Murrine Slugs
Fired and cleaned “Murrine Slugs”.


Kiln and tube shot
Stacked stringer ready to fire in the kiln
Heart Cabochon
Heart Cabochon – murrine simply fired with a piece of clear on top.


Stringer stacker
Stacking stringer. You could make something lie this or just use a box lid, tilted, so the stringers stay where you put them.
Puzzle Piece Murrine after the cane pull and chopping off a few.


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