First gold and silver fume

My fist semi-successful fumed glass marble. Still need to work on my putty handling and tube handling. Of course they make it look so easy in the videos.





Fuming is a technique that has been developed in the past 15 years and was popularized by Bob Snodgrass. Fuming consists of heating silver or gold in the flame, so that the metals vaporize or “fume” microscopically thin layers of particles onto the glass. These particles stick to the hot glass surface changing its color with interesting effects. Silver turns clear glass into a yellowish color, giving shades of blues and greens when backed with a dark color, while gold turns clear glass shades of pinks and reds. The precious metal coating becomes increasingly visible the more the glass is fumed.

Free glass blowing book

Excerpt from A handbook of laboratory glass-blowing
Excerpt from A handbook of laboratory glass-blowing


╬▓efore you take a class, before you buy books on glass blowing, before you spend a dime, do this. Go to Handbook of Laboratory Glass Blowing link

Even though it was written in 1921 and has references to using a foot bellows, it is something you should check out if you are interested in learning flame work glass blowing. Also called Lampworking A lot of techniques for blowing glass tubes (i.e. Art glass, pipes and other applications) were pioneered by people now dead and gone.

This book’s copyright has expired, so it is FREE. Do not pay “Rocketbrain” $11.99 for this book on eBay!

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