deer in torch

Deer on Torch

I often see movement just outside my direct line of sight while I am on the torch. This time I grabbed my camera to prove I am not going crazy. The apple tree, just out of the view of the window, and not my glassblowing might have something to do with the attraction the deer […]

Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt – Eugene, Oregon

Lost in Eugene FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 22, 2016 David Kingman The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt  – Eugene, Oregon The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt is Happening: Right in Your Backyard Local artist David Kingman, goes down in history by joining The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt…and now, you can too! Celebrate National Marble Day, July […]

Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt

Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt – It Begins! Lost these in Seattle for Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt Marble-less in Seattle Find out more: This World Wide Treasure Hunt is open to everyone as long as they respect the rules that are set forth for the hunts. To join the fun all you need to do is […]

Animated gif

How to pronounce the word GIF

Attribution: David Szakaly. Recently it has become trendy to pronounce the CompuServe image file format GIF as gift without the ‘t’. The inventor of the file format, Steve Wilhite, pronounces it as Jiff, like the peanut butter. “The creators of the format pronounced GIF as “jif” with a soft “G” /ˈdʒɪf/ as in “gin”. Steve […]